With the launch of new catalogue 2018, rmmcia started the production of a new brass fitting within the threaded family.

3p cone union tipo R is a fitting made in brass allowing the connection of two pipes or between pipe and accessory (radiator, boiler, etc.), with an end threaded female and the other male, which facilitates a quick and simple disconnection for maintenance o repair without need of cutting tools or soldering. The accessory is composed by three pieces: a nut, a male cone and a female piece, which once connected and thanks to the nut tighten it provides the necessary pressure for a compact sealing and long-lasting connection.

It is offered in three versions, as per installer preferences: a spheroconical with adjustment metal-metal, other adjusts with o-ring and the third version has got a flat seal green fibre.

After one year we realize our bet took place in a good moment. As per a market report by FEGECA, Asociación de Fabricantes de Generadores y Emisores de Calor, in 2018 the increase of number of radiators sold respect the previous year in Spain has been of 6,80% and an 11,8% raise of number of boilers (boiler wall raises a 12,48% and biomass boiler a 5,22%). Market’s recover has generated more than 400 million Euro in Spain this year. As depicted on the report, reasons are several, such as new European directives about energy efficiency, the renewal equipment’s need done with renovation houses and also the increase of new buildings’ construction.

For further information about brass fitting tipo R by Rafael Márquez Moro please download the brochure or visit the product, where there is a complete technical datasheet with all dimensions and drawings of each type.