Solutions in brass for fluids

More than 75 years of experience in the sector of brass water and gas fitting manufacturing act.

  • What do we do

    Rafael Márquez Moro y Cía., S.A., from now onwards rmmcia, we are a manufacturer company of brass fittings for water and gas. We do count on resources for hot forging, brass machining and means for testing components. Our more than 75 years of existence allows us to have participated in the evolution the sector of fluid conductors.

  • Our commitment

    Thanks to our seriousness and compromise with clients and collaborators our brand RM® has acquired a great recognition and prestige both in national and international markets, counting on clients’ loyalty for decades. Quality and sustained effort for improvement have been our philosophy.

  • How we work

    At rmmcia we bet for a thorough care of raw material, brass bar, which follow maximal quality standards. Brass used is appropriate in terms of potable water, following nowadays regulations about use of materials in contact with water. We take seriously not only quality of end product, but also guarantee of raw material used, produced in Spain.

Our evolution over more than 75 years

Our age allowed us to participate in the evolution the sector of fluid conductors has experimented and the necessary adaptation consequently have suffered all its components, moving from iron and steel pipes, going through copper pipe and then reaching plastic pipes with their multiplicity of materials and connection formats.


rmmcia was founded in the year 1944 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) where has remained along its long existence.


In the 70’s, rmmcia stood out in Spanish market as leader in manufacturing gas valves male tapered. Is in these years when company starts its path in producing sanitary taps and boost brass fitting manufacturing, with exclusive designs granted patent.


In 1999 we inaugurated our current facilities at Calle del Sol, where we have all means and most advanced technologies for accomplishing the whole manufacturing process, from brass bar until end piece, providing our client with maximal quality and guarantee.


Summarizing, at rmmcia we have evolved with sector evolution, thanks to a great team, lot of flexibility and capacity to adapt to change.

RMMCIA facilities

At our facilities in San Feliu de Llobregat we carry out the production of brass fittings as well as the elaboration of custom pieces.

Our factory is placed in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona). We manufacture a large assortment of brass fittings, constituting a big part of our range of catalogue products, where we also market product entirely European. We count with a wide group of qualified suppliers. We also dedicate a space for elaborating customized applications following conscientiously the provided specifications, with a clear customer orientation.

With a clear customer orientation, we stress conception and design product, excellence in production processes and service pre-sales and post-sales service. We count with a strong sales team and we make emphasis in guidance on the use of the product and training thanks to our technical sheets, tutorials and video guides.