The customer, a company founded in the early 90s and traditionally oriented to the needs of the wine industry, currently encompasses other sectors such as food or pharmaceuticals. We received the request to make some brass fittings when traditionally been manufactured in stainless steel.

The client requests a fitting manufactured in brass to connect hoses together or with other facilities (tanks, pumps, etc..). These fittings are generally being manufactured in stainless steel, and are commonly used in wineries facilities; flexible pipes can be flexible PVC or food grade rubber.

Then it is designed, validated and manufactured a fitting entirely made in brass and consists of three parts. Its two ends include a barbed spike, to be introduced into the flexible hose, assuring fastening with external clamps. The tightness of the union of the three pieces fitting is achieved by a plane gasket, special for food use, and by tightening a threaded nut with standard MACON.