Company dedicated to the installation, reading and maintenance of water meters are asking us to solve a problem with the replacement of old meters shorter than the new ones installed while keeping the rest of the installation without modification.

The customer is a national company founded in the late 40s, with installation, reading and maintenance of water meters in a condominium as their main activities. On many occasions they find during maintenance and replacement of meters, that the replaced one is shorter than the one currently installed. To avoid changes in the existing installation but at the same time to be able to do the change, the request is for a brass fitting shorter in length than the usual ones..

The water meter fitting consists of two parts: the cone and a nut. The cone has a surface to place a rubber washer for sealing, centered and fixed by a flange, which allows the sealing of the union by tightening the nut screwed at the input or the output of the meter. The opposite end has external thread for connection to the installation. In the middle of the brass fitting usually are placed tightening planes for easy mounting.

Design and manufacture was done following specific customer requirements, meaning in this case an overall reduction in length of the fitting compared with the standard in 8 mm to solve the longer water meter. It also was decided to replace the external tightening planes for an internal part shaped for an Allen key, to make it easier to work in confined spaces.