Set connection in copper tube, threaded joint and nut for HVAC

A manufacturer of air conditioning equipment for residential and industrial use is developing a new series of equipment and requests the creation of a socket assembly especially adapted to them.

The client, a leading multinational group of HVAC equipment for residential, services, healthcare and industrial sector, focuses their development on optimizing energy consumption, improving air quality and comfort on the indoors facilities.

The request is the development of a connection set shaped for connecting the components of the HVAC equipment. Once distributed the main components inside the equipment, then the connections are designed, taking into account the location and orientation of the connection points. The trajectory of the connecting tube should be such as not to interfere with the other components and to facilitate assembly and maintenance. To this purpose, the tube is formed with a bendig tool to adapt its shape to the path defined by design.

The accessory finally designed and manufactured is a connection set made of a copper tube formed at one end with a free connection nut, and at the other end, welded to a junction for threaded union.