European company of climate systems’ manufacturing requires the project of a special component for climate equipment “fan coil”-type.

We are talking about an accessory that simplyfies the system assembling, since it’s allowing a double connection within a simple block, from the threaded exits of a three way valve to the entrance of the heat exchanger.

This brass fitting has got a double monobloc connection, from a giratory female thread G 1/2 (ISO 228-1) to copper tube of 3/8" (EN 12735). The distance between thread connections’ centers is of 40 mm, whereas the distance between pipe exits is of 130mm, with a total dimension of 140 x 72 x 30 mm.

Support geometry consists on a rectangular plate of 12 x 5 mm which joins the threaded connections, and for the tightening up there’s a giratory nut of 6 planes at SW24.