Gas distribution company that serves end users through its own network asks us to develop a connection fitting to resolve situations of incompatibility between the current installation and a new meter being installed.

The client is a major gas distribution company with an international presence, whose activity is based on the development, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure that carries the gas to end users: distribution network and connections. When installing a new counter, this may include differences in the connections over the prior one, in terms of distance between connections or size and thread type.

The accessory requested must solve these differences and avoid modifying the fixed installation. To this purpose we develop a bayonet fitting which is composed of two parts, a main body with eccentric input and output, including seals and a sliding nut. On one side, the fitting connects to the facility through a fixed thread (male), on the other side to the meter, by means of a mobile female thread (sliding nut).

The design and manufacture of the fitting meets the specific needs of the application, which in this case are to facilitate the replacement of old meters with outdated thread W 36.1 x 14 t" and 130 mm between centres, for current meters with G4 type connections of 7/8 ". The difference in distance between the connection centres implied an eccentricity between input and output of 15 mm. As an additional requirement, the length should be limited to 44 mm and loss of pressure load should not exceed 1 mbar for a gas flow rate of 6 m3 (n) / h, verified by testing in our facilities. Finally, each assembly should be stamped with a lot code.