A couple of years ago, when we launched to market the electronic tap, sensor, we analysed all its advantages. At that moment we could not imagine that later one it could turn into a helping device for fighting transmission of COVID-19. Sensor tap characterizes because water flows only by approximation, thanks to an infrared sensor placed in its frontal side. As activating it needs no contact, nowadays it is an essential device for the frequent washing hands, as guidelines provided by experts in the battle to solve this sanitary global crisis.

Allow us to indicate its main advantages:

  • protecting our health: specially designed for public spaces, but also for private use, the NO TOUCH avoids spreading of microorganisms.
  • low consumption: water flow control allows saving cost, benefits the environment and ensures it doesn’t remains open.
  • comfort: the way it is activated, it is also of easy use for disabled people, kids and even pets! Moreover it is clean for more time.

Installation: except the wall mounted tap which is requiring some works, its installation is simpler than expected, it can be installed as a conventional tap, only to be taken into account the small box containing the electrovalve of sensor activation. The electrovalve is connected to power, but it is including 4 standard batteries in case you do not have an electrical conection point; they can be added also for granting its performance even if there’s a blackout. This electrovalve is normally placed under the washbasin, hidden by the washbasin furniture. Do download the technical sheet from the product to know more about its installation.

Today more than ever is worth installing it, as apart from saving in water consumption and comfort, it contributes to our and everyone’s health’s care.