We would like to introduce a new flexible hose for gas.

It is a flexible corrugated hose, elbow, with micro point security socket, following regulation UNE-EN 14800:2007 about “Corrugated safety metal hose assemblies for the connection domestic appliance using gaseous fuels” and for the security socket UNE-EN 15069:2009. It is a product with Declaration of Performance and CE Marking.

It is used for conveying the three types of gas families: for manufactured gases, for natural gas and for LPG’s (Liquid Petroleum Gas) such as propane or butane. And its application is both for built-in gas appliances or freestanding devices, though very common for freestanding ones thanks to the swivel end elbow, patented, which facilitates its installation. This is the end to be connected to the micro point security socket male threaded.

The other flexible hose’s end is available with male or female thread, depending of the type of device to be connected to, and there are three different hose lengths: 75, 100 and 150 cm.

Each flexible hose comes out in an individual bag, with its corresponding micro point security socket and with an instructions sheet for offering all guarantees of a correct installation.

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