Bidet or hygienic shower W.C.?

The more and more new products are launched and have come to stay. Simply put, because they make our lives easier. It can be used for other purposes, such as filling the mop bucket, cleaning the W.C. itself, etc.

One of them is the hygienic shower for W.C. We have compiled some interesting data in order to help anyone to answer the drawn-up question objectively.

Let’s start with the ADVANTAGES of the hygienic shower W.C.:

  • More space in the bathroom, up to 0,3 extra m3 available for storage space or simply having spaciousness
  • Easy installation, same water intake used for the tank, no works
  • Lower cost than the bidet. Sjust a tap vs. the bidet, its cover and its own tap
  • Comfort:           - No need to change seats for the cleanliness
                                             - Adjustable thanks to the flexible hose
                                             - Shower handle with two positions (aerator and sprayer) at a single click
  • Water saving. Different application, so no need to fill the bidet
  • Ecological, less use of toilet paper
  • Very discreet and with nice design
  • It can be used for other purposes, such as filling the mop bucket, cleaning the W.C. itself, etc.

For small bathrooms without a bidet, the hygienic shower is the most practical. The installation of the rmmcia hygienic shower is done from the tank’s water intake by substituting the angle stopcock. The water of the hygienic shower W.C. is at room temperature.

The hygienic shower is highly evaluable if you are going to do a complete bathroom renovation, if you have a bidet already and you do not want to do without its functionality. It is the moment when a completely different space can be designed, thinking on a new conception of the bathroom: for instance by expanding the shower space or by including a double sink, among other possibilities. On the other hand, and if you prefer the shower with warm water taking advantage of the reformation you can make the hot water outlet from the built-in installation, in this case with a more complete hygienic shower mixer, those that can regulate the temperature.

Given the reasonable doubt of whether to put a bidet or a hygienic shower, our counsel to make a decision is to make an objective evaluation of the uses given to the actual bidet and if those uses can be replaced with those offered by the hygienic shower W.C. already exposed above.

At rmmcia we bet on this product, we know more and more users have installed it and are very satisfied. All tech details and installation, can be found at product.