At rmmcia we are so excited with the launch of the new corporation's website.  

First, you will discover it is a more visual and intuitive website, simple regarding where we placed the content, clear and bright. Less is more.

At web design we have taking into account the user experience and ease navigation, so visiting the website must be pleasant, fast and efficient. We built an adapted site to cell phones, for a maximum comfort.

Regarding content, we have raised and improved products' information. As news, you will find unitary weights for each reference, EAN codes, a new disposal of products' versions, more pictures and drawings, access to downloads, related products with more sense, and the possibility of sharing products through social media.

What are you looking for? You will find the essential. For helping you to search, look at the following tips:

  • new search (MAGNIFYING GLASS) – you can search as you wish: by reference, size, type of thread, material, regulation... or checking information such as types of threads or brass properties, if you want to go in depth, because searching is done within all products but also other sections of the site, like the blog
  • at BLOG, we have added the tutorial-videos, where to find how to install our fittings, it is worthy to have always at hand
  • improved FAQ’s, with the answers to the most common questions
  • products grouped by families, but also by sectors

Do not wait any more to discover our new website.