Madrid, April 10, 2012. The Commercial Court No. 2 in A Coruña has ruled in favor of the Spanish Center for Copper Information (Centro Español de Información del Cobre, CEDIC) in the lawsuit against ABN Pipes Systems, manufacturer of plastic pipes, for publishing false information on their website such as that copper is a highly polluting element, which facilitates the proliferation of pathogens or contributes to the development of Legionella. The ruling determined that this information "is an anti-competitive act and constitutes unlawful advertising". In a similar line we recall the recent claim done by CEDIC at Autocontrol for false information with respect to the copper tubes that published by ASETUB, the Association of Manufacturers of Plastic Pipes. ASETUB's response was to reject the competence of the jury of Autocontrol and not have any evidence to support their claims. CEDIC wishes to express its full respect for freedom of expression and the right of every institution to inform, but requires that these reports to be always based on scientific rigor.

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