It is not the first time our products have unconventional applications. This is the case of David José Flores, educator and science fan, who asked us brass pieces to create a scientific device.

rmmcia wants to thank him for his creation, we are delighted to see how a couple of brass floats which should have been dedicated to a W.C. tank have travelled to Belgrade as nothing but components of a Hertz’s apparatus (1888).


Hertz’s apparatus broadcasts and receives electromagnetic waves. It consists in two parts: the transmitter which generates a high voltage spark between two electrodes with spherical shape producing a magnetic perturbation spread to all directions, they are the electromagnetic waves, travelling to the other part of the apparatus, the detector, shaped as wire wheel, turning the waves into electrical current. It works either with 5 meter wavelength or 60 MHz of frequency (MegaHertz), unit of measure that owes its name to the author of the invention.

This invention has been showed on an exhibition that took place recently in the “Museum of science and technique” of Belgrade, in Serbia, from the hand of Zorica Civric, Nikola Tesla’s popularizer of his works and legacy. It belongs to the collection Electricalia, from whom David J. Flores is director and constructor. The exhibition celebrated the 160 years of Nikola Tesla’s birth, contemporary of Heinrich R. Hertz, both physicists and inventors, who laid the foundations of the wireless communication.

Despite the fact W.C. tanks indeed contribute to improve our day by day, we can assure that wireless communication is the great invention which affects tremendously our current way of life.