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In the products section of rmmcia you will find the entire set of families available in the general catalogue, manufactured and marketed through our ISO 9001 certified facility. Here you will find a wide range of accessories and brass fittings for threaded pipe, for soldering or compression coupling to copper tube, for compression coupling to polyethylene tubing, to cross-linked polyethylene tube or multilayer tube, valves and accessories for gas installations, faucets and accessories for irrigation and gardening, as well as a comprehensive range of sanitary taps and mixers with stylish design. The use of brass provides the accessory its qualities of beauty, durability and low maintenance, and also its recycling capacity makes it ideal for sustainable projects.

By Families

Brass threaded fittings

The rmmcia family of brass threaded fittings provides a comprehensive range o...

[+ info]

Brass cone union F-F - FIG.340
Brass hexagon nipple M-M - FIG.280
Brass elbow F-F - FIG.90

Compression fittings for PEX and manifolds

For your heating and plumbing installations with PEX tube ...

[+ info]

Straight male coupler
Elbow 100º

Compression fittings for multilayer pipe and manifolds

For your heating and plumbing installations with mu...

[+ info]

End piece for manifold
Teflon joint for multilayer pipe
Wall plate female elbow

End feed fittings for copper tube

rmmcia offers the family of end feed fittings for copper tube to satisfy...

[+ info]

Brass elbow Female-Cu
Brass wall plate elbow Female-Cu
Brass cone union male-Cu

Compression fittings for copper tube

For your copper tube installations with no soldering rmmcia offers th...

[+ info]

Straight coupler
Male elbow
Straight male coupler for radiator

Brass fittings for MDPE pipe with external compression nut

For polyethylene pipe rmmcia offers this family...

[+ info]

Straight coupler
Equal tee
Female elbow

Brass fittings for MDPE pipe with internal compression nut

For your installation needs with polyethylene t...

[+ info]

Straight coupler
Equal tee
Female elbow

Brass fittings for MDPE pipe Ø 75-90-110

For the connection of polyethylene tube of large diameter rmmcia...

[+ info]

Straight coupler
Equal tee
Female elbow

Irrigation taps and accessories

The rmmcia family of irrigation taps and accessories presents a wide range...

[+ info]

Brass bibcock
Hose spray with adjustable fan spray nozzle
Quick release hose-male connector

Gas valves and connectors

For gas installations rmmcia offers the family of gas valves and connectors, a r...

[+ info]


Accessories for tank

The family of accessories for tank offered by rmmcia has a range of products that inc...

[+ info]

Brass float valve guided
Brass float
Intermittent automatic flushing valve

Taps and angle stopcocks

rmmcia incorporates in the catalogue the taps and angle stopcocks family with a r...

[+ info]

Double bibcock (two hose connector)
Double bibtap (one hose connector)
Wall plate stopcock male-male


The rmmcia accessories family has a wide range of connection accessories for sanitary water el...

[+ info]

Handshower 3 positions - mod. Segre
Double wrapped shower hose
Aerator water saving 50%

Lever action taps and mixers

With the single-lever monobloc family rmmcia offers a wide range of brass san...

[+ info]

Lever handle bath and shower mixer - Aura
Lever handle bidet mixer - Selena
Lever handle basin mixer - Volga


rmmcia offers a wide range of thermostatic taps for shower, in brass, chromed finish. With tw...

[+ info]

Thermostatic column (square)
Thermostatic column (round)
Thermostatic shower (lower output) - Selena

Push button delay taps

Specially designed for a durable and effective use in public baths and showers, rmm...

[+ info]

Basin tap - Rin
Urinal tap
Basin tap - Nilo

Wall mounted taps

rmmcia incorporates the most minimalist taps, for a gorgeous bathroom.

[+ info]

Wall mounted tap round spout
Wall mounted tap squared- 1 way
Wall mounted tap round - 2 ways

Electronic taps

New product at rmmcia. The electronic tap (or also called sensor) is that one detecti...

[+ info]

Automatic tap (flat)
Automatic tap (squared)
Automatic wall tap

Taps and mixers

rmmcia presents a range of two-handle monobloc type sanitary faucets chrome finished for b...

[+ info]

Two handle basin mixer
Basin mixer - Juno
Two handle wall sink mixer with cast swivel spout

Unitary label

The family of unitary label by rmmcia includes all brass threaded fittings' family reference...

[+ info]

Brass flanged plug - FIG.290
Brass equal cross F-F-F-F - FIG.180


The novelties family at rmmcia includes all catalog products in which at least one reference has...

[+ info]

Basin mixer - Juno
Equal Tee M-M-M - FIG.135

By Sector


Whatever are your plumbing and water management requirements for residential, commercial or indus...

[+ info]


Facilities and industrial machinery

In facilities and industrial machinery rmmcia range of products you wi...

[+ info]

Facilities and industrial machinery sector

Parks and gardens

rmmcia through its products RM, presents a range of faucets, valves and brass fittings f...

[+ info]

Parks and gardens sector

Agricultural and farming industries

Considering conveyance, dosification and control of water is of key im...

[+ info]

Agricultural and farming industries sector

Water supply, building and civil engineering

Transport, distribution and control of water and gas is of ke...

[+ info]

Water supply, building and civil engineering sector

Refrigeration and air conditioning

For those who are engaged in the manufacture and installation of refrig...

[+ info]

Refrigeration and air conditioning sector


Heating is a key component of thermal comfort in our current life, being at home or at work, in yo...

[+ info]


Gas installers

For the gas installers rmmcia provides a comprehensive range of valves, couplings, flexible...

[+ info]

Gas installers sector