Various nuts

Different sort of companies ask us for nuts with special requirements, in shape, in height, thread depth, diameter, with or without wings, seal…

Most common nuts:
- Flat outer pans (hexagonal, octagonal, etc)
- Wing nuts (hose fitting type)
- With serration (washing machine nut)
- Flanged head (sliding)
- Blind (female caps)
- With seal (meter)
- Compression nut (SAE)

tuercas nuts écrous

They are accessories with very varied dimensions and weights; they can go from 4 grams to more than 1kg of weight, from a dimension of less than 10mm to more than 100mm.

As per manufacturing raw material, the most usual are: CW617N for hot forged pieces, CW614N for machining processes and CB753S if they are metal die casted.

To be remarked that they can be manufactured with client’s brand on them, and we offer treatments such as polishing, nickel plating and chroming.

tuerca gas nut écrou gazpex rosca nut écrou pertuerca corredera flanged head à collerettetuerca con orejas nut wing écrou aile

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