”S” pipe of ½”

Climate systems’ manufacturing company requires the project of a copper pipe for connecting two distant taps for climate equipment.

With a general dimension of 244 x 90 x 28 mm, this component allows to connecting the control valves to the exchanger of a “fan coil”-type climate equipment. Its special shape in “S” is allowing the connection between two distant taps at a fixed distance, which share the same flow direction.

This piece consists on a male thread G 1/2" B (ISO 228-1) and a female giratory thread G 1/2 (ISO 228-1), with clamping geometry of 6 SW 22 planes in male connection and also of 6 SW24 planes in female giratory connection.

tubo pipe tuyau 1/2" S  tubo pipe tuyau 1/2" S 

 tubo pipe tuyau 1/2" S

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