Special components

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Thanks to the trust of our customers we have developed projects in many industrial sectors, ranging from automotive to air conditioning, heating and water and gas distribution systems. In response to customer requirements, to bring always an optimal and effective solution in pipe and tubing connection for fluid conveyance.

Our technical department, with its extensive experience in the manufacture of special parts, provides all kinds of solutions to carry out the manufacturing process, from initial development to quality control and product functionality, being the best support for our clients and their technical area.

We offer the following manufacturing techniques using brass alloys as the raw material:rmmcia-special-components-customized-applications 
 •Hot forging
 •Die casting

As a briefing of our manufacturing capabilities:

Raw material used are different brass alloys: 
 •CW617N, CW614N, CW602N, CW626N, CB752S, CB753S, CB754S, etc.

Weight / Dimensions of pieces:
 •Estamping/Forging: 15 g hasta 5 Kg (max. 4”)
   - Automatic hot flashless forging: up to 600 g
 •Casting : 15 g up to 5 Kg (max. 4”)
   - from bar: up to 65 mm
   - from raw pieces: up to 4” 

Manufacturing resources available: 
 •CAD 3D
 •Hot forging, die gravity casting
 •CNC fixed, sliding, multiscrew lathes
 •Automatic and semi-automatic transfers
 •Cleaning and finishing (nichel, chrome plating, shot-blasting, polishing, …) 

Our customer target: plumbing, piping, HVAC, cooling, heating, fluid conveyance, etc.

All that under the supervision and management of quality system: ISO 9001:2008 – certified by SGS.

Following some examples of customized products:

Bayonet fitting for gas meter replacement

Gas distribution company that serves end users through its own network asks us to develop a connection fitting to resolve situations of incompatibility between the current installation and a new meter being installed. The client is a major gas distribution company with an international presence, whose activity is based on the development, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure that carries the gas to end...

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Double brass fitting of ½”x 3/8”

European company requires a special brass wall plate fitting and double source, for residential use, third sector and naval. This brass fitting with general dimension of 99 x 23 x 18 mm, has got a double connection on a 5 mm plate to facilitate the mural fixation, with two drill holes of Ø 5 mm for surface fixation. There’s a distance between sources of 50 mm and connection is compact by double thread internal and...

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Double valve connection

European company of climate systems’ manufacturing requires the project of a special component for climate equipment “fan coil”-type. We are talking about an accessory that simplyfies the system assembling, since it’s allowing a double connection within a simple block, from the threaded exits of a three way valve to the entrance of the heat exchanger. This brass fitting has got a double monobloc connection, from a...

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Extension nipple for water meters

Company dedicated to the installation, reading and maintenance of water meters are asking us about an accessory to help on the replacement of old meters longer than the newly installed while keeping the rest of the installation. The client is a national company founded in the late 60s, dedicated to the installation, reading and maintenance of water meters in residential buildings. Among its tasks is the maintenance...

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Flowtube (drip irrigation)

A plumbing commercial corporation at national stage requires a tailored made piece for drip irrigation connectors. This brass fitting, as opposed to the plastic ones, more resistant, has been the solution to breaking problems. This connection with general dimension of Ø 9,5 x 32 mm has got an internal drill hole of Ø 2,75 mm. One side consists on a hose barb for sealed insert in PE Ø 110 x 15 mm pipe and other side...

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Gas meter adapter 43/14 x 7/8"

Manufactured for the first time in 2010 upon request of a connector between a new gas meter and an old gas receiving installation, with obsolete threads. With a general dimension of Ø 43 x 24 mm, this accessory allows to connect an old gas installation to a gas meter with new threads incompatible to the receiving installation, without having to dismantle the whole installation. It consists of two male threads, a G 7...

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Set connection in copper tube, threaded joint and nut for HVAC

A manufacturer of air conditioning equipment for residential and industrial use is developing a new series of equipment and requests the creation of a socket assembly especially adapted to them. The client, a leading multinational group of HVAC equipment for residential, services, healthcare and industrial sector, focuses their development on optimizing energy consumption, improving air quality and comfort on the...

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Short brass fitting for water meter

Company dedicated to the installation, reading and maintenance of water meters are asking us to solve a problem with the replacement of old meters shorter than the new ones installed while keeping the rest of the installation without modification. The customer is a national company founded in the late 40s, with installation, reading and maintenance of water meters in a condominium as their main activities. On many...

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Three-piece fitting standard MACON for wine industry

The customer, a company founded in the early 90s and traditionally oriented to the needs of the wine industry, currently encompasses other sectors such as food or pharmaceuticals. We received the request to make some brass fittings when traditionally been manufactured in stainless steel. The client requests a fitting manufactured in brass to connect hoses together or with other facilities (tanks, pumps, etc..)....

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Various nuts

Different sort of companies ask us for nuts with special requirements, in shape, in height, thread depth, diameter, with or without wings, seal… Most common nuts:- Flat outer pans (hexagonal, octagonal, etc)- Wing nuts (hose fitting type)- With serration (washing machine nut)- Flanged head (sliding)- Blind (female caps)- With seal (meter)- Compression nut (SAE) They are accessories with very varied dimensions and...

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