In the FAQs section (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find the most common questions about our products and services, so we can answer your questions quickly.

FAQs – Customer attention

What is the standard delivery time for the orders I place?
The orders placed are generally prepared for delivery in 48 / 72 h.

When I have to place for the order if I need an urgent next day delivery?
In case the service requires next day delivery, the order must be placed before 10:00 am indicating the AGENCY for shipping. The cost of shipping in that case is charged to the customer.

Is there a minimum amount of items when placing orders?
Depending on the product and the specific reference of it yes there is a minimum quantity when ordering. These references are identified in the web page as having a quantity per bag specified in the list of references. Note: for the flexible gas cooker hoses (strip-wound metallic flexible hose) the minimum order unit is the box.

What is the size of your order shipping boxes?
Orders are filled and shipped to the customer in boxes of size 30 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm.

FAQs – Material and manufacturing

What type of material do you use in the manufacture of your products?
In the manufacture of our accessories we use brass with certified quality according to the following rules:
   - For hot forgings: brass CW617N UNE-EN 12165
   - For mold castings: brass UNE-EN 1982 CB753S
   - For bar machined parts: brass CW614N UNE-EN 12164

Note: It is possible to use other brass alloys on special request (examples: CB754S, CW602N, etc).

Is the same brass than bronze?
No, although both are alloys based on copper, bronze is an alloy of copper and tin as a second main component, while brass is an alloy of copper and zinc as the second main component.

What standard are the threads of your products?
The standard thread of general use in our accessories is manufactured according to UNE-EN ISO 228. In some cases, as in flexible connections with tapered thread, the thread follows UNE-EN 10226 (before ISO 7).

Note: under customer request, threads of parts manufactured can be done conforming to other standards.

FAQs – Products

If I’m looking for any item not found in your catalog, can you manufacture it?
Yes, we have our own technical office for product design and manufacture from drawings or sample request. Contact us and we will be pleased to evaluate your request.

I'm looking for the range of sizes you have a particular product, where can I find it?
If you're looking to know the range of sizes a product is manufactured for, selecting the specific product on the website you can display the set of references and what sizes are available as standard. If you want to know in more detail the specific measures of a piece, you can access them through the product data sheet when available or contact with us to get this or any other information.

What pressure can support your products in working conditions?
In general, normal maximum working pressures considering temperature for brass threaded fittings are summarized in the following table:

Maximum pressures






until 1"

25 bar

25 bar

16 bar

from 1.1/4" to 2"

25 bar

16 bar

10 bar

from 2.1/4" to 4"

15 bar

16 bar

10 bar

Conditions more o less severe are acceptable ore recommended depending on the particular item, the characteristics of the union, the sealing means and the tube considered. Feel free to contact us for any further clarification required (describe the application, the fluid and the conditions of pressure and temperature).