brass threaded fittings, tees hot forged by rmmcia

Brass is the best material to manufacture a wide variety of components due to their special combination of properties. Few materials combine the strength and ductility of brass, with its excellent corrosion resistance and unmatched workability. Brass is an alloy mainly of copper and zinc. It maintains the good corrosion resistance and deformability of the copper itself, but with a considerable increase in resistance due to the zinc.

The brass excellent resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures, its environmental friendliness being 100% recyclable and its capacity to inhibit the development of microorganisms makes this material ideal for use in water transport accessories.

In the manufacture of our accessories we use brass with certified quality according to the following rules:
- For hot forgings: brass CW617N UNE-EN 12165
- For bar machined parts: brass CW614N UNE-EN 12164
- For mold castings: brass CB753S UNE-EN 1982