rmmcia -  Rafael Márquez Moro y Cia., S.A. - Company - RM®

Rafael Marquez Moro y Cia., S.A.,
hereafter rmmcia,
was founded in 1944 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), the town in which it has always remained in his already long existence.

In the 1970s, rmmcia highlighted in the Spanish market as a leader in the manufacture of gas valves with conical plug. It was also at this time when the company started in the manufacturing of sanitary taps and brass fittings.

In 1999 we opened our current facility located on Del Sol street, where we have all the latest technology and resources to carry out the entire manufacturing process, from brass rod to the finished piece with the highest quality and warranty for our clients.


Since the beginning of our business in 1944, the quality and continuous effort for improvement have been our philosophy. Over 75 years of experience in the industry as manufacturers of taps and brass fittings for water and gas support us. Thanks to our professionalism and commitment with our customers and partners our brand RM® has gained great recognition and prestige both domestically and internationally.

Experience and Projection

Our more than 75 years of existence has allowed us to have participated in the evolution experienced by the whole area of fluid control and conveyance, and the necessary adaptation that consequently have experienced all of its components moving from the iron and steel pipe, continuing with the copper tube and then to the multiplicity of plastic pipes and ways of connection.

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Our Technical Office has the latest 3D design technology for the development of projects for national and international markets. Our products are recognized by our clients for its innovation and we have exclusive designs patent protected.We collaborate with technology centres to develop new products and our products are subject to the most rigorous testing in reference laboratories. Innovation is also present in our...

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Quality and Manufacturing

The realization of products and services fully compliant with the needs and specifications of our customers has always been in the core of our business philosophy. Proof of this, and as a sign of our continuous effort to improve is the obtaining of our quality management certification according to ISO 9001 in June 2008.Our products are designed and manufactured with the goal of reaching and exceeding specifications a...

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Customer Service

Our customers are the most precious asset of RM which is why we put all our efforts in offering the best service we can be proud of, making available a pre-sale and post-sale service of the highest quality and taking into account their point of view.How can we help you? Whether to inform you in the selection of our products, about their engineering or technical assistance, or about marketing and dealers where you cou...

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Brass is the best material to manufacture a wide variety of components due to their special combination of properties. Few materials combine the strength and ductility of brass, with its excellent corrosion resistance and unmatched workability. Brass is an alloy mainly of copper and zinc. It maintains the good corrosion resistance and deformability of the copper itself, but with a considerable increase in resistance...

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International presence

To develop export markets is a strategic point that RM has been doing in the last decades. Today Rafael Márquez Moro y Cia., S.A., supplies its products to customers in more than 20 countries around the world.Thanks to our long business career forged in the seriousness and commitment to our clients and partners, RM has gained great recognition and prestige both domestically and internationally.

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