Renewal of UNE 60715-1: stripwound metallic flexible hose assemblies

18 November 2013 / By: rmmcia

Renewal of UNE 60715-1: stripwound metallic flexible hose assemblies. Effective from October 29th, 2013. 

From October 29th 2013 is in force the renewal of the spanish rule UNE 60715-1. The standard, entitled "Flexible hoses for connection of gas receiving installations to gas-fired appliances" defines the general and working characteristics of the strip wound metallic flexible hoses with security plug and thread. These elastomeric packed metallic strip-wound flexible hose assemblies are used for the attachment to fixed individual receiving facilities feeding mobile gas devices.

The renewal of the rule has been prepared by the technical committee of AENOR AEN / CTN 60 "Gaseous fuels and gas installations and appliances". Rafael Márquez Moro y Cia., S.A. as a member of the committee has participated actively in the work of renovation, fulfilling our commitment to quality and safety in the products we manufacture and sell. You can get the record of the standard UNE 60715-1:2013 through AENOR:

We invite you to learn about our products applying for the connection to gas reception facilities, which include strip-wound flexible connection (conforming to UNE 60715-1 and BS 669-1) with security socket (standard UNE -EN 15069) marketed by rmmcia:  

conexión flexible espirometálica con válvula de seguridad UNE 60715 y BS 669-1

Stripwound metallic flexible hose with security socket, UNE 60715-1 and BS 669-1, for connection and supply of natural gas to cooker or other mobile appliance.

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