Growing sales in hardware and do-it-yourself during third quarter 2013

04 December 2013 / By: rmmcia

Growing sales in hardware and DIY sector in Spain. Barometer sector according to AECOC and AFEB for the third quarter of 2013. 

We echo a report in the "Sector Barometer", a quarterly publication produced jointly by AFEB (association of spanish manufacturers of hardware and DIY) and AECOC (association of fast moving consumer goods companies) based on their own reports about economic development situation of the sector.

In this release they report a growth of almost 3% in sales for hardware and DIY sector in the third quarter of 2013, consolidating the improvement that began in the 2nd quarter according to their information. They comment that even in the industrial field the situation seems to get worse, the consumer market points to a positive trend in home renovation that may have helped to offset declines in previous quarters.

AECOC an AFEB quarterly prepare situation reports to analyze the sector. For those of us involved in the industry with our products and services, manufacturers such as Rafael Márquez Moro y Cía., S.A. or distributors as many of our clients, we celebrate the positive trend that highlights the report and hope it would be confirmed and improved in the folowing months.

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