Flushing systems for W.C., new at rmmcia

29 May 2017 / By: rmmcia

We wish to announce a new range of products at rmmcia: the flushing systems for W.C. tanks.

It is more and more necessary a responsible water consumption, which affects both environment and our pockets. Flushing water discharges are specially designed for water saving, with two options: start/stop button for deciding the volume of water to discharge, and the ones with double button for different water volumes, around 3 and 6 litres respectively. One of them is available as flushing wall hanging.

     descarga w.c. flushing water discharge robinet de décharge citerne réservoir

For completing the group, we also have filling valves, the devices providing water to the W.C. tank. We do have them in different versions: there are with lateral water entrance, inferior, and also with two water entrances. All of them are so easy to install and with two thread options, brass or plastic.

     grifo llenado w.c. filling valve robinet remplissage

Please contact us to know more about shipment conditions and pricelist, or download the brochure.

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