European Industrial Production - Made in Spain

27 January 2015 / By: rmmcia

European Industrial Production - Made in Spain

We echo a report in the journal "amec Export" appeared in his 39th number on November 2014, entitled "Industrial relocation, produce again at home".

It is an interesting report of recommendable reading, in which we read things like: " The idea that any company worthwhile should being producing in China was extended for years in Spain" (we would add that not only in Spain) and follows "(...) But the economic crisis came and with it changes in demand for industrial products. It is needed to produce fast, with quality, varied and many times tailor-made, and for that we need to be close to the customer." This has been an issue that in Rafael Márquez Moro y Cía, SA we have always been very aware of.

In our case, we have always developed our industrial activity in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, capital of Baix Llobregat, one of the Barcelona counties with greatest industrial base and with a long tradition in the metallurgical sector, which also allows us to have a good and extended provider network and qualified staff. Knowledge, experience, know-how, competitiveness and service are some of our values and are characteristic very appreciated by our clients.

Later in the report it is said, " … although general comments can often be unfair, production in developing countries is associated with lower quality and poor working conditions for workers." As it is well described in the article "It is not the end of China (...) the future of the Asian giant is not only as a producer, is also as a market" but also stresses that "(...) many companies are returning to produce in Spain due to the improved labor costs and the effort to become competitive as a country ".

We welcome the appreciation of the "Made in Spain", the manufacturing in Europe with quality and european standards; a guarantee of quality assured by compliance with european regulations needed for manufacturing in Spain, guarantees that we benefit as consumers and as members of european society.


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