DIY is trendy

19 October 2015 / By: rmmcia

Spain is still far away from the rest of Europe in DIY expenses. Each person dedicates around 180 EUR/year whereas in the UK, Germany or France DIY enthusiasts expend more than 500 EUR. However it’s a growing market. As per AECOC-AFEB percentage of buyers is increasing because of the raise in baths & kitchens’ refurbishing. 2015 is expected to go up also in plumbing, paints, and specially decoration which is experiencing the higher increase. DIY becomes a new spare time activity and a way to improve self-esteem.

Where do we detect a habits’ change? On the proliferation of DIY blogs: internet becomes the main information and formation channel.
Below some of the more visited, useful or just creative ones:

Brico’s school:
Useful content:
Wide content:
Step-by-step with videos:
Interesting section of recycling:
For the most creative:

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