Construction sector is improving in Spain

13 October 2015 / By: rmmcia

Construction sector is improving in Spain

After seven years of decrease on production, construction sector slows down its drop during 2014, as per a KBK study published by “Ingeniería del Gas”’ magazine. The worst results are mainly in civil work, and highlights how big corporations keep on strengthen activity abroad. Forecasts are of slow growth during the present year, with no data of 2015 on the study, to be consolidated by 2016.

An analysis of a study by Eurostat allows confirming not only Spain is in clear advantage from most of the UE countries, but a real growth is happening when comparing data from construction in this country with data from 2010.

Seems we are at the beginning of a turning point in the long drop of the construction turnover started in 2009, and this data is supported by the most updated figures of unemployment and EPA (working population survey) from the second quarter of 2015, as per the INE (National Institute of Statistics). Construction employment increased of 51.900 new jobs during this year.

At the same time, for the first time in eight years housing price rate starts raising, as well as the activity of housing rating companies, clear indicators of a bigger activity within the construction sector, as published by the Spanish Government institute of Fomento.

We will be attentive within the next few months to this change of trend, no doubt good news for general economy and for our sector specifically.

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