Connection of mobile appliances to natural gas: strip-wound metallic flexible hose and accessories

10 March 2014 / By: rmmcia

Connection of mobile natural gas appliances to the gas reception installation through flexible hoses with security socket. Strip-wound flexible hose with security socket (BS 669-1 and EN 15069) and connection fittings.

Have the consideration of mobile natural gas appliances all those devices that are movable, i.e., they are not fixed to a wall or to the floor and those driven by an engine, and in particular the following:
• Movable cooking appliances: cookers, griddles, etc.
• Mobile heating devices: radiators, infrared.
• Washing machines or clothes dryers.
• Dishwasher incorporating a gas burner.
• Refrigerators by absorption.
flexible espirometalico con enchufe seguridad - diagrama

Mobile devices always will be connected to the receiving facility by means of a flexible hose connection.

The connection to the receiving facility will be performed so as to enable the development of flexible tube with a vertical drop, without forcing the radius of curvature neither to be twisted between the source of gas from the receiving facility and the gas inlet of the apparatus.

conexión codo fijado a paredSolder the connection fitting to the gas pipe of the receiving facility (straight or elbow wall plate fitting), and it must be well fixed to the wall.


You can use the following fittings from Rafael Marquez Moro y Cia., (rmmcia):

Brass wall-plate elbow Cu-F.I.            Brass wall-plate straight connector Cu-F.I.
codo ref 472 gcu hembra soldar a cobre, agua y gas enlace con patas hembra y soldar a cobre

Screw the base part (the security socket) in the fitting connector, using curable sealant according to UNE -EN 751 or sealing tape. The security socket provided by rmmcia is in accordance with standard EN 15069 (mandatory under the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC).
conexion codo y socket seguridad flexible espirometalico para gasenlace con patas, valvula seguridad y flexible espirometalico gas 

Screw, if necessary, the right accessory to the gas inlet of the appliance using the same type of sealant or sealing gasket. rmmcia provides you with the following range of accessories:

Brass elbow cooker M-F     Brass elbow cooker F-F     Brass elbow cooker F-F
codo para cocina m-h 3/4 x 1/2
codo para cocina h-h 1/2 x 1/2codo para cocina h-h 3/8 x 1/2

Connect the flexible hose to the elbow fitting or directly to the gas appliance if possible.

flexible espirometalico conexion a codo para cocina

conexio flexible a codo esquema 

 flexible espirometalico posicion vertical libre de tensiones

Check that the hose stays in vertical position, without forcing the curvature and stress free.

conexion flexible espirometalico a codo con patas y tubo en pared 

Check for the proper sealing of all joints, proceed to bleed the system and you can set on the supply.

rmmcia can supply the flexible hose with nominal 3/8" and 1/ 2", depending on the needs of gas flow to your mobile gas appliance:

     flexible hose D.N 3/8"                              flexible hose D.N. 1/2"
flexible espirometalico con valvula de seguridad dn 3/8
flexible espirometalico con valvula de seguridad dn 1/2 

Always remember that the installations must be performed by licensed and certified personnel. The instructions in this article are a summary of the full installation manuals. You can get detailed information on the web site from Conaif-Sedigas Certification ( and in the documentation center in the same site in relation to "Commissioning Agents" and "Gas installers".


- Installation Manual for Reception Facilities, from GAS NATURAL.
Documentation from Conaif - Sedigas Certification: 
     . Documentation 18 - Connection and start-up of cooking appliances - rev 0_24.10.08
     . Part 0: Glossary of reception installations and gas appliances.

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