Compression fittings for PEX and Multilayer pipe from rmmcia

29 September 2014 / By: rmmcia

Compression fittings for PEX and Multilayer pipe

For your heating and plumbing installations with PEX tube and multilayer tube Rafael Márquez Moro y Cía., S.A. has prepared the family of compression fittings for PEX and multilayer pipe. A complete range of connection fittings including changes of direction, branches, plugs, straight unions, manifolds, stopcocks, etc., in versions coupling - coupling for connecting pipes and coupling - threaded for connecting threaded pipe or fittings.

This family of brass fittings allows for the connection of cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX) and multilayer pipe (plastic tube with a sandwiched layer of aluminium, also known as PEX-Al-PEX tube or AluPEX). The compression fitting consists of four parts: a compression nut, a compression ring, a compression detachable insert and the body of the fitting. Compression fittings do not require a special tool to be installed, just a standard wrench of the adequate size, making installation to be very easy. One of the greatest advantages over other type of fittings is their simplicity of assembly and disassembly when required for repairs.

Among its fields of application are the supply of cold and hot water in sanitary and heating installations, to feed radiators with hot water or in underfloor heating. The fitting works in the following way: on the coupling ends, the union with the polyethylene tube is sealed by O-rings placed on the removable insert that is introduced into the fitting body and into the tube. The assembly is tightened by the nut that compresses the clamp, leaving the tube subject and the connection tight. In case of multilayer pipe, and additional Teflon washer is placed on the bottom side on the insert in contact with the tube, to prevent electrolysis effects with the aluminium part.

In terms of manufacturing materials and their qualities, we have brass CW617N UNE-EN 12165 for hot forgings (nut and body), brass CW614N UNE-EN 12164 for parts machined from bar (clamp and insert) and EN681-1 EPDM 70 PEROX for O-ring seals.

The design and manufacture of this family of compression fittings conforms with standard UNE-EN 1254-3 in reference to fittings with compression ends for use with plastic pipes, on UNE-EN ISO 15875-3 for fittings applied to PE-X piping for hot and cold water, UNE-EN ISO 228 for the threaded ends, UNE-EN 1254-5 for fitness for purpose of the system; and in relation with manufacturing the processes are done under certified procedures conforming to ISO 9001 to ensure a high quality production and an effective and durable use over time.


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